Sarah Kelly []

If anyone doesn't want their wax Sarah would be interested in buying some.


Valerie Edwards

Has a large field in a quiet location and well away from people who might otherwise disturb the bees. It is filled with flowers, trees and plants for the bees to visit.

The fields are in a rural area of the Vale off Plichons Lane and the area suitable for the hives is well off the road and not visible from it, so the bees would be safe from vandals etc.

It is set in about 10 acres of land and the neighbours are mostly cows , chickens , and domestic cats and dogs. There is easy access by car from Plichons Lane and the area is protected from the wind by trees .

The field is available for inspection by GBKA members; please call Andy to arrange a visit on 07781 439301 after April 28th 2017,

Glenda Ferbrache has had a large flower meadow created and requests contact from any GBKA member who would like to site a hive on her land.


Damian Harris has some fondant for sale.

2.5kg blocks at £5 each

A honey shop in Nottingham is looking for Guernsey honey - If anyone is interested in supplying, please contact Daryl Stocker.
Please see details below.

Subject: Honey Shop
From: Daryl Stocker []
We are a newly opened shop in Nottingham selling local
and national honey. We do not sell honey from other countries.

We are looking to purchase honey from the Channel Islands to sell and wondered if you could ask your members as to whether they would be interested in selling some of their stock to us at wholesale prices.

We will be grateful for small amounts of five or so jars up to around 20.
You can see us on Facebook by searching first From Bee To You

I can be
contacted on this email or

Has your bee veil got a tear or a whole in it? If so Chris Tomlins can help you in providing some black bee suit face mesh to repair it as he has a roll of it in his possession. This is leftover material when the GBKA bee tent was made.

A piece of face mesh of say 18" - 24" in size can be free! If a larger amount is required, a small donation to the GBKA would be gladly accepted! Please contact Chris at or by telephone.



Shown here are bee related secondhand items that are for sale from GBKA members.

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Do you have any bee related item you would like to sell or give away?

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