2018 GUERNSEY BEEKEEPING ASSOCIATION membership can be taken out or renewed here

The Annual Subscription is £15 The subscription charge has been held at the 2015 price

For existing members if not already done so, the 2018 membership subscription form can be downloaded here. For NEW members the same form applies.

If paying by cheque (dated 2018 please!), the 2018 form must be printed and posted off to the GBKA Treasurer with the cheque.

If you are paying by direct transfer your membership form is important, so please post or scan back to the Treasurer by email.

Double click on the file and once it is shown on screen, right click on your mouse and choose print from the menu.

To help our bees and beekeepers on the island, we need a strong membership. PLEASE JOIN US!


As in previous years, swarms will be collected by GBKA committee members and kept at the Association Apiary and divided into as many viable colonies as possible.

Each colony will only be passed on when it had been established and has a laying queen which will be clipped and marked. The charge for a colony in 2018 is £60, the same as last year.


Names on last year's list will not be carried forward - YOU WILL HAVE TO REAPPLY FOR 2018


If you cannot read PDF files, a free downloadable application can be obtained from adobe Click Here